Some people can not help just to keep exotics when it comes to tuning. The most special cars are already a marvel to watch but that is not the case for everyone. On Flickr, we found photos of the Lotus Exige Scuderia. What thing? A Lotus Exige Scuderia. No, not officially by Lotus product but a Lotus Exige with a creative owner.

Shame. That is the correct wording. The speed wonder that from Hethel Exige hot already very fast and very light. Why would there be many more plastic to confirm? The front is not even very substantially changed in comparison with the back.

The back needs a bit of very very similar to that of a Scuderia. Two pipes in the middle, gare a diffuser and a lot of plastic on the wheel where you are not happy. Then there is a mounted spoiler that is much larger than the standard spoiler on an Exige.

This Exige S has a supercharger Komotec Turbo Drive and runs the quarter mile "within twelve seconds.


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