Next up is the stealth-black Air Force ‘Vapor’ based on the Dodge Challenger. On the outside, Vapor features one-off carbon fiber wheels, shaker hood, radar-absorbing paint, proximity sensors and a 360- degree camera with a ¼ mile range. Open the vertical doors to the Vapor and you’ll see an interior complete with aircraft style controls, a passenger side steering wheel, GPS tracking, night and thermal vision on the front windshield.

Galpin Auto Sports (or GAS) is an automobile repair shop in Van Nuys, California. GAS is better known for its TV show on USA otherwise known as Pimp My Ride on MTV. The group responsible for KITT in the 2008 Knight Rider series (and for embedding in 7-inch TV screens into bumpers on MTV’s Pimp My Ride), has now teamed up with the United States Air Force to create two customized cars for the 2009 Super Car Tour. We have to say; both vehicles have blown us away - literally.
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